CHS All-State Choir Audition Registration Form
Please fill out all information completely and accurately. Pay special attention to how phone numbers are formatted and the examples of what to do if you don't have an email address. The information provided to Mr. Cooley through this form will be used to register you for all-state.

A $10.00 registration fee will be required of all students participating in this year's audition process.

Audition Contracts and Entry Fees must be submitted to complete the registration process no later than Wednesday, September 4th, 2019.

No student will be entered into the audition process without a signed audition contract. Students desiring to make any changes to the audition information provided through this form (voice part, etc.) should notify Mr. Cooley via email by the same date.
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This should be thoughtfully considered. Please review the music with a director/voice instructor as you work to select the voice part that will best suit you for the duration of your participation in this process.
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I am aware of all audition dates and have cleared my schedule to attend all assessments and participate in any/all activities related to this process as dictated by the outcome of the audition process. I understand that failure to appear at an audition/performance related to this process for reasons not previously cleared with the director will result in being removed from the current process and could prevent my participation in any future auditions. Please place a check mark by each date to confirm your understanding of this requirements. *
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