Serf Brain Ball Zone
Submit your channel trailer for us to promote you with. Please do your best to sell what your channel is about and make it visually interesting (no one wants to just stare at a logo). Also please refrain from making it too spicy, think wholesome rather than spice.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please send in a video advertising your worker co-op / channel / union / podcast etc (try to keep it no longer than 1 min) and include in the ad how people can find you or what you're trying to promote. Don't just upload a 30 second clip of your show.

HOW WILL I KNOW IF I'M APPROVED? If it's a leftist project or show you're approved. It's just a matter of time until we can go through submissions but don't worry there's not a barrier for entry. This is mutual aid not a competition.

IMPORTANT: Do not include copyright music or copyright movie clips that will get our YouTube videos flagged. Also please refrain from including any incendiary content ("let's burn down the _______!"), keep it cozy and welcoming.
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