TCSAAL Competition Protest Form
Protests/Appeals Process
• Schools that wish to make an appeal or protest must submit the appropriate form from our website which can be found under the “important documents” link.
• Schools will have 5 business days to submit their appeal/protest. Any appeals or protests for games scheduled within 2 weeks of the end of the season must be made within the following business day.
• Protests should be directed to either the Academic or Athletic Director.
• Appeals should be directed to the State Director.
• Schools may protest a student’s eligibility.
• Schools may protest possible cheating.
• Schools should bring to the attention of TCSAAL all acts of un-sportsmanlike behavior.
• Schools may not protest a referee’s judgment or ruling. TCSAAL will not overturn a referee’s ruling or judgment.
• TCSAAL will not change results or scores except in the event of un-sportsmanlike behavior, an ineligible student, or cheating. (Please note that penalties will be handled on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of TCSAAL)
• The TCSAAL State Director reserves the right to act on all protests and appeals and serves as the final authority on all disputes. At the TCSAAL Director’s discretion, the Director may send an appeal to the Advisory board for their opinion on the issue.
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