Cast Member Agreement
Agreement between Champaign Urbana Theatre Company (CUTC) and Cast Member

1) To become a member of CUTC at an annual cost of $35 ($60 per family). CUTC is a membership organization, and we expect those who enjoy performing in our shows and participating in our events to share ownership in the company by becoming a member. Memberships follow a calendar year, January 1 – December 31.
2) To respect the physical property of the production and the theater, as well as the property of any building in which rehearsals are held. And abide by all reasonable rules and regulations of the Board of Directors. The producer and/or director has the power to replace a cast member for good cause.
3) To attend all rehearsals on time as required. Generally, rehearsals will be Monday through Thursday evenings with additional rehearsals on weekends as show week approaches. Absences may be excused only by the Director. Unexcused absences can result in your replacement. Please list all conflicts in your audition form or in response to a request from the producer or director:
NOTE: At least one parent of each cast member under the age of 18 (minors) must attend the initial business meeting. Otherwise, rehearsals are closed to the public including cast members’ friends and families. Parents of minors are expected to pick them up and drop them off unless the parents make specific other arrangements with the producer or director.
4) To take care of any script or music you receive. Scripts and music are leased by CUTC and must be returned at the close of the production to the Producer. The actor must provide a $35 deposit when the script is issued (preferably a check which will be held). The deposit will be refunded (or the check returned) at the close of the production provided that the script is returned with all pencil markings erased and the script is in good condition. In the event that the script is not returned by the deadline established by the producer, is lost, or is damaged, the deposit will be forfeited to CUTC.
5) To maintain a positive dialogue about the production. If you have concerns or issues with the production or your fellow company members, you will direct them, as appropriate, to a director, producer or a CUTC Board member. You will not share them on social media or otherwise publicize them.
6) Never to bring and/or use any alcoholic or controlled substances at any rehearsal or performance site. Never report to a rehearsal site or performance under the influence of Alcohol or controlled substances.
7) To permit CUTC to use photographs of and bibliographical information about to publicize the production.
8) Not to hold CUTC, any member of the Board of CUTC, any person working for CUTC, or anyone associated with any rehearsal, set construction or production sites liable for any loss or injury incurred under any circumstances.


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