CESIMeet North East 2012

If you are interested in attending or presenting at the CESIMeet in Dundalk on Friday 9th November 2012, please let us know by filling out the form below.
We'll be in touch for more information and details.
Your email address & other details will not be sold or given to any third parties.

If you are only interested in attending, please sign up for tickets here: http://cesimeetne.eventbrite.com/
Further information can also be found here: http://lanyrd.com/2012/cesimeet-north-east/

Some points to note for prospective presenters:

1. Presentations are very short,, we will have 2, 7 & 15 minute presentations. These are hard limits!
2. You will have access to a computer/projector, but slide decks are discouraged (if you really want to use them, let us know in advance so we can pre-load for you)
3. Although individuals representing companies are very welcome to attend, no commercial presentations please
4. Virtual presentations are possible, but due to time and network requirements, we can only facilitate a small number, please let us know and we'll chat

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