Paid Family Leave for Graduate/Undergraduate Student Workers!
Add your name below to tell your legislator: expand family/medical leave coverage!

The Washington Science Policy Network and Washington Work and Family Coalition are promoting legislation that would provide up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave (for reasons such as childbirth, care of a family member, and serious illness) to most workers. Passage of this bill could provide much-needed support for WSU students employees who need leave but can’t afford to take unpaid time off. Paid Family Leave is important for supporting gender equity and ensuring under-represented student populations have the resources they need to complete their degrees.

Current Washington state law requires that someone worked 820 hours in the previous year to be eligible, which excludes a number of student employees. By contrast, HB 1073 would change eligibility rules so that anyone who earned $1,000 could access coverage. It would also expand job protection and health insurance for any employee who has been on the job for 90 days.

HB 1073 has support, but your legislator needs to hear from you! Add your name and contact information to make your voice heard to your State Representative and Senator. Someone from our coalition may also follow up with you to talk more about the campaign. Tell your legislators: pass HB 1073 to expand eligibility and secure health benefits and job security for student employees! Email us at with questions.
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