Bethlehem Lutheran Church Gun Survey
Dear members of Bethlehem, the Parish Planning Council has been discussing various approaches to increasing the security for our members during Sunday worship services and during School operations to address rising violent actions in our society. One option is to allow the use of concealed weapons (CCW) by authorized individuals within church. The Voters at the May 2018 meeting requested a survey be conducted to understand our members' position and feelings about taking this potential action. The survey is open to all members but please only respond once. A separate survey will be sent to our school families. Results will be discussed at the 4 Nov 2018 town hall and 18 Nov voters' meeting.
Response Level To Violence In Church
Are you concerned for your safety while attending church activities regarding armed intruders?
Do you believe that church leadership has appropriately addressed member safety?
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
What level of protection do you believe is needed in our church (Multiple answers acceptable)?
Do you believe use of concealed weapons is appropriate for church activities?
If Bethlehem authorized use of CCW, what level of training would be required for authorized CCW carrier?
If Bethlehem authorized use of CCW, would this cause you concern in attending church activities?
No concern
Large concern
Additional comments you would like to share on regarding the topic of church safety?
Your answer
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