CAAAV: Asian Youth in Action 2019 Application
Asian Youth in Action (AYA) is a six week long program running from July-August 2019 for working class Asian youth (including East, Southeast, and South Asians)* ages 14-18 with a passion for community justice.

AYA will meet twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-5 pm. These meetings will include food, workshops on topics such as political education and analysis, as well as skills and leadership building. Workshops will be facilitated and supervised by past AYA members, as well as supported by the rest of the staff and organizers of CAAAV! Youth will also receive a stipend at the end of the program to cover travel costs!

AYA members/youth will be involved with CAAAV's organizing endeavors, including our community organizing projects in Chinatown and Western Queens--members will get firsthand exposure to community organizing with support from the organizers themselves!

* However, the nature of CAAAV's organizing projects involve language skills in Chinese and/or Bangla, as a result, those who apply may find it easier to navigate this program if they also speak these languages. Despite this, all Asian youth are encouraged to apply, regardless of language ability, with just the caveat that some things may involve other languages (but will not necessarily exclude participants!)

* Because of the locations of CAAAV's organizing, youth from Chinatown, or NYCHA Queensbridge, Ravenswood, or Woodside are especially encouraged to apply!

AYA Mission Statement: Asian Youth in Action fights systemic violence by elevating youth voices and integrating organizing efforts with CAAAV’s Chinatown Tenants Union and NYCHA Organizing Project. AYA exists for members to 1) continuously challenging each other in our political education, 2) supporting each other’s emotional and physical wellness, and 3) developing portable skills to serve our individual agency. We are here to build friendships, safer homes, and stronger communities. We believe in creating a political home for Asian youth that is open to growth as directed by each generation of youth leaders.

***************************APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY JUNE 23rd!!***************************

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