FA: United Furry Lip Sync Battle 2019
Welcome to the FA: United Furry Lip Sync Battle. This is a music competition where it's all about thinking on the spot with your performance - lip sync, dance, and get the audience on YOUR side in these ballad battles!

We will be taking sign-ups for the event at the event and online for a limited time. Slots are FURST come, FURST served! We will be using songs from the list that we have provided for contestants to practice prior to the event. Songs are randomly chosen per match, so be ready to jump straight into your performance!

Wearing a fursuit or costume is optional - everyone will be judged equally. It's not just about how you lip sync, but also how you interact with the song and the audience.

Props will be provided on stage to aid with your performance. They are only for you to use for yourself - striking or otherwise touching your opponent may result in disqualification.

We will be doing single limitation swiss cut, which means if you don’t move on to the next round you are OUT.

The winner will receive; (subject to change without notice)
- Standard Badge for FA: United 2020
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