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Application Questions
Tell us about a system you’ve developed to solve a problem in your life, workplace, or community. *
Limit your response to two paragraphs.
Tell us about a time you've had to go to great lengths to find an answer to a question in your personal or professional life.
The information you'll be tasked with finding is sometimes not the easiest to find, both online and off. We'd love to hear about a time you've had to do some digging for information, how you approached the problem, and any lessons you learned in the process. Limit your response to two paragraphs, maximum.
What most excites you about the Research Associate position at CTCL? *
Limit your response to one paragraph.
Bonus: Share your favorite fun fact about politics or elections (your definition of "fun" may vary).
How did you hear about this opening?
Please email a PDF copy of your resume to Use the subject line "Research Associate - Resume."
How We Hire
We recognize that there are a wide-range of experiences and skills that might make you an excellent fit for the Research Associate opening. Our hiring is designed to give you a better sense of us as an organization, provide concrete examples of the type of work the Research Associate will lead, and let us see your work in action.

People who demonstrate that they are qualified in their application materials will have the opportunity to complete a skills evaluation.
People who perform well on the evaluation will be asked to participate in a video interview(s).
Based on the application, evaluation results, interviews, and reference checks, one person will be selected for the position.

Thank you again for applying! If you have any questions along the way please send them to
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