2019 WASLA Conference Call for Tours, Field Trips and Workshops
The Washington Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (WASLA) is issuing a Call for Proposals for “offsite” activities around the Annual Conference. These may include designer-led tours, field trips outside of the city, workshops, and the like.

As March 21, 2019 marks WASLA’s inaugural state Advocacy Day in Olympia, the Conference Committee is seeking proposals for activities related to advocacy and/or the conference theme. Activities are to be held in and near Tacoma on Thursday, March 21 or Saturday, March 23.

2019 Conference Theme: Vantage Point elevates us to a higher perspective so that we may broadly explore our shared role as professionals in the field of Landscape Architecture. It’s a rare opportunity to align our collective outlook of the profession with dominant issues of the day, and re-examine prevailing attitudes about the potential for our work against our accumulated knowledge, experience, priorities and beliefs. The 2019 WASLA Conference calls us together around an expression of who we are as professionals in the field and what we do, what Landscape Architecture values and stands for, how we outreach, how we get others to engage, and how we message our work and its resounding importance.

Please submit your offsite proposal through this form by January 20, 2019, 11:59 p.m.

Title of Tour, Trip, Workshop: Choose a title that accurately reflects the content of the proposed activity. Clever or catchy titles are acceptable as long as they are not misleading. (Please, no Conference Sessions.) *
Description: 175 word limit. Describe content and location for the activity. *
Length of Time: Suggested guidelines are approximate. Tours – 2 hours. Field Trips – 3 to 4 hours. Workshops – half or full day. *
Preferred Date *
Learning Objectives: List three or four bullet-point-style objectives participants will accomplish as a result of this session that will expand their knowledge, skills, or abilities in the field of Landscape Architecture. *
Lead Presenter Name *
Lead Presenter Firm, Credentials and Title as you would like them to appear in the conference materials *
Lead Presenter Email *
Lead Presenter Phone number *
Lead Presenter Brief Biography: 60 word limit. Biographies will appear in online marketing materials for the event. *
Please provide Names, Firms, Titles, Biographies and Contact Information for additional Presenters
Health, safety, and welfare (HSW) qualification: State whether the presentation meets the LA CES definition of Health, Safety, and Welfare detailed here <www.asla.org/uploadedFiles/LACES/HSW_Classification.pdf> *
LA CES Qualifying Subjects: Please select all LA CES subjects that apply to your presentation. Qualifying subjects include but are not limited to: *
Equipment / Provisions. Describe anticipated needs for audio-visual (if indoors), or other equipment. *
Determinations will be announced by February 11, 2019. Direct questions to: info@wasla.org 360.867.8820. Thank you! We look forward to receiving your proposal.
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