PTPD: Citizen Complaint/Inquiry Form
As part of our commitment to excellence in providing law enforcement services, our department welcomes any complaints, questions, and/or concerns. It is Patton Township Police Department's mission to, in partnership with our community; provide impartial, ethical, and professional law enforcement service and protection. We strive to maintain the trust and confidence of our citizens while working to improve the quality of life.

Please fill out this form entirely and a representative of our department will contact you should further information be needed, or if you request contact on this form. No member of the Patton Township Police Department will attempt to interfere or influence your right to complain about the service this department provides for you. Your complaint will be throughly and impartially investigated.

Please be advised that the definition of a "complaint," as it relates to this form, is an act or expressed dissatisfaction which relates to departmental operations, policies, procedures, or an employee's personal conduct/unlawful acts. A disagreement simply over the validity of a traffic or parking ticket is not grounds for the initiation of a personnel complaint. These are matters for adjudication by the proper judiciary system. If your complaint is about an incident that is under investigation or pending a hearing or trial in court, our department may be limited in the information that is able to be relayed to you.

Patton Township Police Department's common practice is to directly forward citizen complaints to the Chief of Police and/or an appropriate supervisor for review and assignment.
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