Notification Form for Rescheduling of Date and/or Place of League Fixtures
Participants who want to reschedule a fixture for an alternative date to that found in the Club Calendar must notify the Club Administration by submitting a duly filled in official Notification Form by not later than one day after the date found in the Club Calendar.

Failure to abide by this requirement will result in the game being ruled a walk-over against the player who initiated the rescheduling of the fixture.

Unless otherwise indicated in the duly filled in form, the fixture will be automatically rescheduled for the nearest pre-designated Extra Playing Day in time. If at least one of the two players already has a fixture rescheduled for this Extra Playing Day, the fixture will be rescheduled to the subsequent Extra Playing Day.

For leagues with more than one phase, fixtures are to be rescheduled for a date before the designated end date of the phase to which the fixtures belong. E.g. A Phase 1 fixture must be played before Phase 1 is scheduled to end and Phase 2 to begin.

Fixtures can never be rescheduled for a date after the league is designated to end. (By-Law for All Leagues and Tournaments 21D)
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If these have not been published yet, please indicate the phase and grouping of the fixture and its date.
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Who of the two players has initiated the rescheduling of the fixture? *
Please confirm that your would-be opponent has been informed and has consented to the rescheduling of the fixture. *
If applicable, please indicate the non-designated date for when the fixture is being rescheduled.
The chosen date must be before the subsequent phase of the league is designated to start and before the league is designated to end. Refer to Club Calendar for these dates.
If applicable, please specify the non-designated place where the fixture is to be played.
Please type the address of the place and its connection to one of the players involved in the fixture.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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