One and a half vegan - how is it going?
Hi everyone! This is a questionnaire that will help us to know a bit more about your relationship with our show. What you like, what you don't like and what you would like. We want to improve this show for you and for us!
How many episodes did you listen to? - it's ok if it's 0, we are ready for that :D
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What episode did you like the most?
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What episode did you like the least?
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What topics are you interested in (both already covered and not covered yet)? - Examples: veganism, circular economy, DIY, material waste, food waste, transportation, human rights, animal treatment, eco labels, sustainability in politics, lifecycle...
Do you have any specific question on how to be more sustainable in a certain situation? - Examples: cooking, choosing mean of transport, using hygiene or beauty products...
Is there anything said in the show that you do not agree with? If yes, what?
What do you think about the format of the show (music, pauses, data and references, guests, personal examples...)? - Talk about anything but replacing the hosts :D
Would you like to interact with the show more regularly (through social media, surveys, contests...)?
Would you like to contribute to the show by proposing content or participating as a guest?
Would you like us to post more sustainability related content in our facebook page?
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Is there anything else you would like us to improve?
Do you want Timi to stop asking you if you listened to the show? :D
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Any other comment?
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