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Intention to Coach in Grand Terrace Community Soccer Club
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Place your retainers below, understanding the following limitations: (a) Players were on my team in the last Fall season, (b) Retained players MUST REGISTER by the last open player registration, (c) Players must be ELIGIBLE to play within the above-stated age division. I also understand that any listed retained players that have requested to not be retained shall be returned to the players pool. My own child(ren) must be retained on this form and I have listed them 1st (first) on the following list. I also understand that listing alternates is a good idea in case a player has failed to register or has requested to not be retained. List your retainers below 1, 2, 3 then list alternates 1&2
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I do hereby acknowledge my intention to coach in the above stated division(s) with Grand Terrace Community Soccer Club. I also understand that I must meet the qualifications and requirements of CYSA risk management before the season begins.
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