SUNY CCC - Diversity Center Student Advisee/Mentee Application Form
Fall 2020 the SUNY Corning Community College Diversity Center introduced our Peer Advisor and Mentorship Program. The purpose of both programs is to provide our students with academic, personal, and/or professional support and connections. The program seeks to:
1. Help students develop strategies for dealing with both personal and academic issues.
2. Help students develop leadership and/or management skills.
3. Increase the student's confidence and motivation.
4. Provide students' with a connection to the community.
5. Increase students' network and social capital.
6. Increase the chances that students will persist and succeed at CCC.
7. Provide a student with practical advice, encouragement, and support.
8. Help students i
dentify goals and establish a sense of direction.

What's the difference between the programs?
Peer Advisors are current second-year students advising first-year and transfer students while the Mentorship Program are local professionals/community members mentoring CCC students.

- The program time commitment is ten months long from August 2020 through July 2021. The first two months of the program are critical in establishing a solid relationship between the student and advisors/mentors.
- Students must make initial contact with the advisor/mentor within one week of the assignment.
- Peer Advisors must meet with the student(s) for at least 30 minutes once per week.
- Mentors must meet with student(s) for at least 1 hour once per month.
- There will be monthly meetings with the Diversity Center coordinator, and advisors/mentors to make sure things are going well, meetings are taking place, whether the mentorship pairing should be reevaluated and possibly reassigned.
- Advisors/mentors and CCC students must complete an assessment at the end of each semester on the progress of the relationship.
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