KY Yoga Festival Healer Application
The Healing Area is dedicated to the WHOLE BEING care of all members of KY Yoga Fest. The Healing tent is typically staffed with licensed massage therapists and certified alternative healing therapists such as myofascial release, craniosacral, polarity therapy, PRRT, Reiki, sound healing, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, reflexology and much more. Our primary focus IS on body workers and massage, as this seems to be of most interest to KY Yoga Festival attendees. If you have additional energy-based healing modalities that is helpful but NOT required.

Our mission to further the well BE-ING of our KY Yoga Festival family and foster community through these various modalities of caring and healing. We believe that by taking great care of ourselves and each other, we allow opportunities for each of us to be our absolute best and authentic selves. We aim to set the example for gifting forward to each other and hope that our caring of others will in turn inspire them to care for themselves and others, during the festival AND afterwards.

The Healing Tent is completely FREE and accepts NO money for services and does not allow monetary tipping.
We offer our services out of the goodness of our hearts and the belief that EVERYONE deserves to feel and BE well!

We're ALWAYS open to adding HAPPY, CARING PEOPLE to our crew of amazing healers and practitioners! If you feel called to be in service to your fellow humans in KY Yoga Festival's Healing Tent this year and you're ready for tons of heartfelt love-vibes, endless smiles, new friendships, gut busting laughter and purposeful moments...we want to hear from YOU!

We ask each participant to work a single 1 hour shift each day in the Healing Tent. The Healing Tent will be open from 12pm to 3pm each day. These short shifts allow for you to fully participate in all of the OTHER beautiful things that KY Yoga Festival has to offer!

In exchange for your participation in KY Yoga Festival's Healing Tent you will receive:
- One free admission into the festival for yourself. (Guests and companions will need to purchase a ticket for entry.)
- One free meal on Sunday morning of the event.
- Early Camping access assuring you the best of the best!
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I understand that I will be required to work a 1 hour shift in the Healing Tent on each day of the festival for a total of 3 hours.
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People connect to PEOPLE...not degrees or certifications. As part of the KY Yoga Festival community, I'd like to hear a little about why you do what you do....what your passions are and why you believe that KY Yoga Festival is where you want to BE, share and SPREAD THE LOVE! *
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