2018 ICTworks Reader Survey
Did you know that ICTworks now has 12,000 email subscribers? Help me help you and them keep on the cutting edge of digital development by letting me know:

- Where are the innovations you want to learn about?
- Which problems, issues, and opportunities are challenging you?
- What technologies are you experimenting with – or want to?
- Who is an up-and-coming innovator we interview, and why?

For your time and thoughts, I offer you two valuable prizes.

- Everyone will get an ICTworks that's responsive to your needs. I promise to read every single submission and take each one into consideration for future ICTworks posts.
- One lucky recipient will get $100 in Bitcoin (or their cryptocurrency of choice) once I figure out how to buy it myself.

Please leave your contact details to be entered into the drawing. To increase your chance of winning, please give me thoughtful, detailed answers.

I promise to read and reflect on every single submission, and all of your input will help improve ICTworks.

Wayan Vota
co-Founder ICTworks
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What keeps you coming back, reading the emails and going to the site? We'd love to know.
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What topics should we cover in 2018? *
What trends, ideas, and innovations are we missing? Where can we look to find them? Who impresses you? Why?
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Are you interested in writing for ICTworks?
Wanna reach 12,000 of your peers, and tell them about your idea, event, or success? Let us know!
What else could we do to improve ICTworks?
Be creative! We're open to pretty much anything that would increase its value to you
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Besides ICTworks, what other publications do you read on technology or development?
Who is our competition for your professional reading time?
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