Grain Train Boyne City Curbside Pickup
We are no longer using this form for Curbside Pickup orders at the Petoskey store. For Petoskey pickups, please follow the instructions here to sign up and place your order:

Please use this form to fill out your curbside order. At this time this is an "old school" process where you give us a shopping list and we pick your order as thoroughly as possible. Please indicate per item if substitution for a similar item is not acceptable, otherwise, we will make substitutions when available.

Please enter your order by category according to the entry field titles and type only one item per line (you can order multiple items per category; please just press "Enter" between each item to start a new line).

Orders generally take 24-48 hours to process and our small operation means we can only handle a limited amount of requests each day. Please place orders by 2:00 PM for pickup the next day.
There is a $5 fee for this service that we are currently waiving during our test period.

When you arrive, please call the store to let us know you have arrived, then open your trunk; we will deliver your order directly to your car.
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Canned Foods, Condiments, Baking Needs, Cleaning and Paper Products
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Snacks, Cereal, other Dry Packaged goods
Meat and alternatives, Cheese and alternatives, Beverages
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Please review your order before clicking "Submit"
Upon clicking "Submit", your order will be sent and may not be changed. If you need to add items to your order, please complete this form again and your additional items will be processed in the order received.
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