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Spice Up Your Life Stories with Jo Parfitt [REGISTRATION CLOSED]
Jo Parfitt spent three years reading and researching autobiographies to discover how to turn ordinary life events into compelling, publishable life stories. Devising a method she calls SPICE, Jo will share her secrets in this fun, practical and inspiring workshop that suits writers of any level. The workshop will help you bring your journals, blogs or memoirs to life.

Make Your Travels Worth a Fortune with Marco Ferrarese [REGISTRATION CLOSED]
Got a mind full of memories and a disk full of great photos, but don’t know how to turn them into gold? This hands-on, practical and fun workshop will guide you on how to crack the travel writing industry, step by step, from starving to thriving in the world of digital and printed travel media. The workshop covers brainstorming to pitching, dealing with rejections and edits, to tips for staying sane and productive on the road. It will give you all the tools you need to make you roam the globe, free, hunting for highly sellable travel stories.

Arriving at Your Own Door with Kosal Khiev [REGISTRATION CLOSED]
This writing workshop discusses and inspects three parts of the self – the inner, the outer and the external. It seeks to align all three – and explore how one may correlate with or differ from the others. And which self is most important? The aim is to enable participants to gain a deeper insight into the multiple selves and how they can serve the creative act in the healthiest, most perceptive ways.

Bashō’s Guide to Writing Images with James Shea
A master of concrete language, the Japanese haiku poet Matsuo Bashō serves as a useful guide for how to render the world in clear and concise images. Join this poetry workshop to read and discuss haiku images, and to learn how to write your own memorable images. The workshop includes an in-class writing activity and a discussion of the participants’ work.


Please fill up the form below to register for the GTLF 2017 workshop. Each workshop is only limited to 20 participants. We will contact you once your registration is confirmed.

A fee of RM 50 is payable at the door for each workshop.

Note: If you are participating in more than one workshop, please fill in a separate registration form for each workshop.

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