WonderLust 2019 Disability Questionnaire
WonderLust wants to be as inclusive as possible to those who require special placement due to their disability. Our organizers and placement team would like to hear from you. To understand your needs please fill out this Disability Camping Placement Questionnaire. We will attempt to assist anyone who fills out this form, but placement may not be possible if your form is filled out after July 17, 2019.

If you fill out this form after July 17th please email wonderlustevent@gmail.com

Feel free to reach out to WonderLust with questions about registering via email, or view our FAQ on our website.
Help us get to know you
What is your name? *
Please include legal name. (If using a burn name or Alias please include in parenthesis)
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Tell us about your/their disability and what accommodations you need? *
For WonderLust planning to assist you best through placement of you/your camp we need to know a bit about your/their disability. We will do our best to accommodate you.
When will you be arriving? *
How many people will you be bringing with you?
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(If you are camping with a theme camp) Are you registered?
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Will you need a vehicle on site? *
If due to your medical condition or disability you will need a vehicle such as your car, camper/RV, and/or trailer please let us know. Our community asks that the vehicles onsight are painted or decorated appropriately to your camp or hidden with tarps or and other creative ways.
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