Bay Area Sacred Harp Membership
Join Bay Area Sacred Harp (BASH), a nonprofit public benefit corporation dedicated to singing, teaching and raising awareness of shape note singing throughout the Bay Area.

Members provide valuable input and service to the organization. Member privileges include receipt of membership emails, participation in business meetings, and the right to vote on the election of board members, the approval and amendment of bylaws, and the dissolution of the corporation. Each member shall have one vote.

Membership expires each year after the annual business meeting. Those who would like to continue membership must sign up annually.

Statement of Purpose:
The specific purpose of BASH is to conduct local, regional and statewide singings of community-based shape note music, particularly the Denson Sacred Harp, and associated activities; and to preserve and further the traditional practices of Sacred Harp and shape note singing and promote their transmission to future generations of singers. All who wish to participate in BASH activities are welcome, without regard to race, ethnicity, age, disability, religious or spiritual persuasion, sexual orientation, or gender expression.

Read more about membership in our bylaws:
Membership terms
Members shall be any person who
a.) supports the accepted statement of purpose (above),
b.) has attended two small or large singings sponsored by BASH within the previous year,
c.) has asked to be added to the Membership Roster and email list (by filling out this form), and
d.) considers the San Francisco Bay Area their primary residence.
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