GroveKids Leader Application
Thank you for your interest in serving in GroveKids. We are still working through the details of how to make kids small groups or other programming as safe and successful as possible. Thank you for joining us in this year of uncertainty! We are praying that God works in miraculous and transformative ways.

As a GroveKids Leader you are committing to the following:
- You are a believer in and follower of Jesus Christ
- You regularly attend Forest Grove Community Church - Attridge on a Sunday morning
- You have read and understood the GroveKids Leader Manual:
- You have read and understood the Mennonite Brethren Confession of Faith (link on website)
- You must have a successful Criminal Record Check (CRC) if you are 18+ years old completed prior to the first time you serve at GroveKids this school year.
- Leaders must be in Grade 7 or older
- You must have two references fill out reference form (one being an adult from FGCC and one who has been in a supervisory position over you): (link to sent to references also on website)
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I have read and understood the above information as well as the GroveKids Leader Manual. *
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