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Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us. We are excited to hear how the Lord has moved in your life. Please complete this form to help us understand your story, and think of if/how we could tell that story visually in the format of a short documentary. After we receive your Story Submission, we will reach out to you about next steps. Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE: At this time we are an extremely small organization (we have just two full-time filmmakers and one part-time on the team). Because of this we have to be careful not to overcommit our limited resources. Unfortunately, we have to say “no” to far more stories than we are able to say “yes” to. However, we want to be sensitive to God’s Spirit, so we will spend time in prayer, asking Him for direction in regards to your story. We hope you’ll do the same. Thanks, again, for sharing your story with us. We'll be in touch!

- Annie & the Story Partners Team
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- Annie & the Story Partners Team
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