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by BLANKOcrafts
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Hello & Thank you for your interest!
Commission Guidelines

If you’re interested in commissioning a PartyKigu from BlankoDesigns, here is all you need to know on how to make a request and the step by step process!


•How much do these cost?
That will depend on how many details are in your commission, but here are some general prices. Theses include shipping prices within the USA. International shipping will be calculated before an invoice is sent.

PartyCapes: $150-$250
Sweaters and Backless: $200-$260
Short & Sweet $230-$300
Classic: $250-$350

•What’s a general overview of this process?
Message me or fill out a form with a character idea and what style you want the Kigu in (see picture above.) I will then sketch out a design and give you a price quote. Once you get the design and quote, you can then decide whether or not to make a purchase from there, and if you do, I’ll then send an invoice via paypal!

Once the invoice is paid, or the first payment in a payment plan is paid, I will send you another google doc requesting information on your measurements. Kigus take about 5 weeks to complete unless otherwise stated. Progress pictures are posted on social media. Once a kigu is shipped, usually via fedex or USPS, you will receive a tracking number. Once you get your Kigu, try it on immediately to make sure it’s perfect!

Please feel free to message me if you have an idea for a design, want a price quote, or just feel like saying hi! I will be happy to give you more information at no cost :)

•How much does a PartyKigu typically cost?
Capes: $60-$120, Sweaters and Backless: $150-$250, Short: $200-$260, Classic: $200-$300. Shipping is included in the quote within the US, if shipping internationally then depending on the location it is between $20-$40. All prices are in USD and shipping is normally done via USPS or UPS.

•How long does it take to be completed / shipped out?
Between 4-6 weeks from the time an invoice is paid to create and complete, then about 4-7 business days to be shipped to you (within the US) or about 4-8 weeks internationally.

•Are these all custom made or one size fits all?
These are all made to whatever measurements you give me ( ु•⌄• )◞◟( •⌄• ू )✧
What is your best method of Contact? (example: Email, instagram handle, etc.)
What character are you interested in making into a PartyKigu? (Example: Pikachu, Fursona, or Original Character)
What style are you interested in? (Example: Classic PartyKigu, Sweater, Backless, Other)
When do you need this PartyKigu by?
What country are you shipping to? (Example: USA, Canada, France)
Any Special instructions or notes you want to add?
Thank you! I will get back to your form within 1-3 business days. :) Please expect an e-mail from and if you are not seeing a response within a few days, either check your junkmail or go to to the contact page, as there is a chance an e-mail might have gotten lost.
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