GSSA 201
Welcome to the next step in volunteer training.
By now, you should have viewed Girl Scouting 101, the online training video.

The GSSA 201 module is designed to orient you to Girl Scout policies,
safety requirements, and your Volunteer Essentials leader notebook.

GSSA 201 will take about 45 minutes to complete and you will need to reference these two important documents that are available on our website:

1. Volunteer Essentials (printed copies can be made available for checkout)

The CONTENTS page will be most helpful in finding the sections listed below in bold.

2. Safety-Activity Checkpoints

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Quick-Start Guide
Remember, these questions are in the SAME SEQUENCE or ORDER as the Volunteer Essentials leader notebook.

HINT: USE key words and the Table of Contents to click straight to any particular section.

Check which resources are readily available to you when you have questions.
check all that apply
Look at the Safety Activity Checkpoints
The answer to this question is found in the Safety-Activity Checkpoints document.
Which Safety-Activity Checkpoint is on page 40 of the Safety-Activity Checkpoints document?
Your answer
Look in VOLUNTEER ESSENTIALS to find this list
Caution: There are some activities for which you must get written pre-approval from Council. List several of them here.
See the list on the "Using Safety Activity Checkpoints" page in VOLUNTEER ESSENTIALS.
Your answer
Warning: There are some activities that are never allowed for any girl. List several of them here.
See the list on the "Using Safety Activity Checkpoints" page in VOLUNTEER ESSENTIALS.
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Understanding How Many Volunteers You Need
Take a minute to review the charts in this section of VOLUNTEER ESSENTIALS, to help you answer these questions.
Adult/Girl Ratio Chart
USE the ratio chart (Volunteer Essentials, Understanding How Many Volunteers You Need)
What is the minimum number of registered and approved adults required to be present when meeting with girls?
If you have 11 Daisies and you are taking them on a walk to a nearby park, how many registered and approved adults must go along?
USE the ratio chart (Volunteer Essentials, Understanding How Many Volunteers You Need)
Registered & Approved
Now, on to the next chart in Volunteer Essentials, Understanding How Many Volunteers You Need.
As a member of the leadership team, it is your responsibility to make sure all adults are approved by Council (background checked) if they plan to:
- be present during meetings
- transport
- chaperone (attend outings)
- spend the night
- handle troop money
- handle product sales
When does an adult's approval status expire? (Approval requires current annual membership and a background check every three years.)
Activity Notification/Approval Guidelines Chart
Activity insurance WILL NOT COVER members unless the overnight trip is pre-approved.
All overnights, whether the girls are planning to stay in your backyard, a hotel, the local church basement, a state park, or at one of our Council camps, MUST be pre-approved.
Overnight Trip/Camping Application - To what email address must you submit the documentation?
Your answer
Girl Scout Safety Guidelines
Read through the "Following the Girl Scout Safety Guidelines" in VOLUNTEER ESSENTIALS (pgs 14-15.)
It is crucial that you understand and follow these guidelines to avoid issues of personal liability.
Which # Girl Scout Safety Guideline specifically lists ways to "ensure safe overnight outings."
list the number
Your answer
List the behaviors that are prohibited in Guideline #8.
Your answer
To ensure girls' safety, name some things that should never be posted online.
Your answer
Chapter 3: When Sensitive Topics Come Up
Who do you contact first if you have concerns about a girl's general safety or well-being?
Your answer
Read through the "signs that could indicate a girl needs expert help". Which of those behaviors were you surprised to find on the list?
Your answer
Chapter 4: Safety-Wise
As a member of the leadership team, it's your responsibility to make sure everyone follows the "Girl Scout Safety Guidelines."
On what page can you find a list of "Responsibilities of Parents and Guardians" and "Responsibilities of Girls"?
Your answer
For most activities listed in the Safety-Activity Checkpoints, Girl Scouts recommends that at least one First Aid/CPR-certified adult be present.
Check all the organizations that are approved to offer the training.
Chapter 5: Managing Group Finances
By earning, managing, and financing their own activities, GIRLS learn many valuable skills that serve them throughout their lives.
GIRLS should be deciding how to spend their troop funds.
THE GIRLS should have a clear plan and purpose for the product sale activities and the troop financial planning.

On pg 82, read Helping Girls Reach Their Financial Goals. List the five steps to " facilitate girl-led financial planning."
Your answer
Money-Earning Basics
On pg 80, find the section with the "few specific guidelines - some required by the Internal Revenue Service ......"
These money-earning activities are forbidden by Girl Scouts: games of chance, direct solicitation of cash, product-demonstration parties, selling commercially manufactured products (other than Council Cookie and Fall Product Sale items).
Appendix: For Troop Volunteers, Letting Girls Lead, Transporting Girls
"If a group is traveling in more than one vehicle, the entire group must consist of at least two unrelated, approved adult volunteers, one of whom is female, and the girl/volunteer ratios in Volunteer Essentials must be followed."
"Care should be taken so that a single car (with a single adult driver) is not separated from the group for an extended length of time."
see section titled "Letting Girls Lead"
Appendix: For TRAVEL Volunteers
pg 91
On what page can you find eight recommendations for "involving chaperones" for troop trips?
Your answer
Which of those recommendations were you surprised or pleased to see on the list?
Your answer
"Letting Girls Lead" - On what pages do you see the list of questions, to let "girls lead" in planning their own trips?
Your answer
GS Southern Alabama Policies and Procedures
GSSA Council Policies and Procedures are specific to our Council and apply to "all persons accompanying or participating with individual members, troops, or groups."

Camping Policy
One _____________ certified adult must help the girls plan and attend any camping event with the troop.
see camping policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
According to the Conflict of Interest Policy, are you or your family members allowed to use your Girl Scouting position, knowledge or information to obtain personal, professional, political, or financial gain or advantage?
Example: adding members to your business contact list
Conflict Resolution, Harassment & Hostility, and Sexual Harassment Policies
Review the three policies listed above. There are several similarities.
Check which of these you think apply to all three policies:
Finance Policy and Product Sale Policy
Review the procedures for maintaining a troop checking account.
Within one month of starting a troop, the troop account must be established in the name of ________________.
see Finance Policy
Your answer
The troop account must be in place prior to any product sale so the product sale money may be deposited promptly.
The ACH bank form must be submitted to the Council along with a copy of a voided troop bank account check.
To ensure receipts are kept in order and troop funds are spent appropriately, the troop bank account statement should be reviewed each month (online or hard copy) by at least two signers on the account and the login/password to access the troop account online must be furnished to the Council. What month is the Troop Financial Statement due?
There are to be at least three signers on any troop account and at least one should be a member of the Service Unit Team.
Money-Earning Project Policy
Permission to conduct an approved Money-Earning Project must be obtained by submitting the Money-Earning Application at least _______ prior to the project.
No resale of commercially manufactured products is allowed, other than Council Cookie and Fall Product Sale items.
Sponsorship Policy
Each troop is limited to accepting a maximum of $_______ in sponsorship money each membership year.
Your answer
Transportation Policy
What is the minimum age for a volunteer to become an approved driver for Girl Scout activities?
Due to safety concerns, the use of ______________ vans by troops is strictly prohibited.
see Transportation Policy
Your answer
Do Daisy Girl Scouts (K-1st grade) have to ride in booster seats when being transported in vehicles?
Volunteer Agreement *
Do you agree to: read and understand the Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama Policies and Procedures and fully understand the facts regarding any possible question of violation, comply with membership requirements and register as a member of the Girl Scout organization, be responsible for adhering to these Policies and Procedures, provide up-to-date information if there are any changes to volunteer application and background check data, - participate in council and Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) orientations, position-related trainings, and learning opportunities, - meet with appropriate groups on a regular basis for ongoing support and evaluation, - devote sufficient time and energy to fulfill the outlined position requirements, - support the Girl Scout mission and values, - comply with the policies and standards of GSSA and GSUSA, - follow safety guidelines and procedures of GSSA and GSUSA, - support the council activities and goals, - affirm that the Girl Scout organization welcomes members of diverse demographics (race, ethnicity, age, sex, socioeconomic, veteran status, etc.), - acknowledge that the volunteer position is voluntary and that the Girl Scout organization does not provide monetary compensation?
Hold Harmless Agreement *
I, on behalf of myself and my minor child (or children) or ward (if applicable), in consideration of the use of real and personal property (“Property”) owned, leased, or otherwise controlled directly or indirectly by Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Girl Scouts”) and/or the involvement and participation with any and all Girl Scout activities by myself and/or my minor child or ward, hereby promise, covenant and agree to and with the Girl Scouts, its successors and assigns, that neither I, nor anyone claiming through me, will hereafter bring, commence, prosecute or maintain, or cause or permit to be brought, commenced, prosecuted or maintained, any suit or action, either at law or in equity, in any court in the United States or in any state thereof, or elsewhere, against the Girl Scouts, or its successors and assigns, for, on account of, arising out of, or in any way related to or connected with any damages or injuries and/or the results of any injuries arising from or related to the use of the Girl Scouts’ Property and/or the involvement with, or participation in, any and all Girl Scouts’ camp or activity. I further covenant that neither I nor anyone claiming through me will enforce, prosecute or recover upon, or attempt to enforce, prosecute or recover upon, any claim or right of action whatsoever which I or my child or ward, or anyone claiming through me, may now have or may hereafter assert in connection with the use of the Girl Scouts’ Property and/or the involvement with, or participation in, any and all Girl Scouts’ camp or activity. I further covenant that I will defend, indemnify, protect and hold harmless the Girl Scouts, and its successors and assigns, from any and all claims, demands and damages arising from or related to my or my child’s or ward’s use of the Girl Scouts’ Property and/or the involvement with, or participation in any and all Girl Scouts’ camp or activity, and I further covenant that I will pay and indemnify and hold harmless the Girl Scouts against all loss, costs, expenses, and attorney’s fees incurred or expended in the prosecution or defense of any suit, action, claim or proceeding relating to or arising from or related to my or my child’s or ward’s use of the Girl Scouts’ Property and/or the involvement with, or participation in, any and all Girl Scouts’ camp or activity.
Authorization to handle troop financial matters: Have you or anyone in your household had financial difficulties that have resulted in being prosecuted for a bad check, a home foreclosure or bankruptcy? If so, please list name, date, description and results of the financial issue. *
Your answer
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