Coaching Plus with Ian Hardie
Hi there, Thanks for your interest in finding out more about my in-person and online Coaching Plus options, the form should take no more than a few minutes to fill out and once completed, I will get an email notification that you have done it. Just be aware, that as I am a full time golf coach it can sometimes take a day or two for me to find time to come back to you with the next steps towards transforming your golf game.
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On average, how far would you hit your driver off the tee? *
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What's the best ever level you have played golf at, the lowest handicap you've had and what success's have you had in the game over the years? *
Briefly describe where you would like your golf game to be at in one years time, two years time and five years time. *
How much time you have available on an average week / fortnight / month to take part in the coaching I suggest, as well as time to then put it into action? *
Do you have any current or past injuries that are restricting your golf shots in any way, as well as any other health issues that may impact your performance or ability to work on your golf game? *
What prompted you to want to get golf coaching from me, as opposed to any other golf coach out there?
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Have you watched the videos that outline how the CoachNow app works and how it will be an integral part of our coaching relationship? (If not, please go back to the page you came from and do that once you have finished this form) *
Thanks again for your interest in my Coaching Plus or Coaching Plus Online options. I'll be in touch soon and look forward to becoming a part of your golf game.
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