TCA Learning Pod Interest Form
With public schools pushing start dates back until Sept 8, a number of parents have expressed interest in small group academic and creative enrichment. Thomasville Center for the Arts is considering offering this option for a pilot "mini-mester" from August 10th through 28th. Fill out the interest form today to be the first to help shape the program and be the first to find out registration details.
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Please list your child(ren)'s name(s) and the grade they will start this Fall.
How many students do you feel comfortable being in your child's "pod"?
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What school(s) does your child(ren) currently attend?
Have you elected for your student to begin the school year virtually?
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How much time would you be interested in your child/children participating in a learning pod?
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In light of the City and County schools decision to push back the start of school until September 8, would you be interested in joining a learning pod for an August "minimester"?
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What is your top priority for including your child(ren) in a learning pod? Please check all that apply.
Would you be willing and able to volunteer to chaperone a learning pod at least one time per month?
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Would you be willing and able to teach an enrichment skill or class to a learning pod? (i.e. Spanish, art, computers, music, etc). If yes, please specify the subject.
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If yes to the question, above explain what subject and your availability to teach that subject
What other questions , concerns, or ideas do you have about the upcoming school year?
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