CNSCCC & MCF AWANA Pre-Registration Form
We are very excited for your child to join our AWANA Clubs. 
If you have any questions, please contact Vivian Wu: 630-373-6282 or
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Schedule At-A-Glance
Septemer 2022 - August 2023
Friday Nights from 7:30PM - 9PM
On the nights of monthly birthday celebration, we will have cake, snacks, and the children will play group games. For safety, please have your child wear gym shoes during the monthly birthday celebrations since we may run around in the gym and have more interactive games. 
Child's Information
Please submit a separate form for each child attending. Thank you! 
Child's Full Name (First and then Last Name) *
Child's Date of Birth *
Child's Gender *
Child's Grade *
Home Address (Please include the City and Zip Code) *
Any concerns we need to be aware of for your child? Special needs, allergies?  *
Parent's Information
Please provide at least (1) ONE parent's or parental figure's information. Thank you!
Father's Full Name (First and Last Name or N/A) *
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Emergency Contact Person if a parent is not available (Name, phone number, and the relationship to the child.) *
AWANA Club Information
  • Cubbies: ages 3-5 
  • Sparks: Kindegarten, 1st, and 2nd graders
  • Truth & Training (T&T): 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders
Handbook Cost
$10.90 per person whether in Cubbines, Sparks, or T&T
You only need to pay $6. Our church will supplement the cost.
Uniform Cost (Select the correct size below.)
  • Cubbies (Vest): $13. Please pay $7 per child.
  • Sparks (Vest): $13. Please pay $7 per child.
  • T&T (Jersey): $18. Please pay $10 per child.
Uniform Size (We recommend going 1-2 sizes up since your child will grow out of it quickly) *
Bible Information
We use the English Standard Version (ESV) translation for the handbooks and Lessons. 
We recommend that your child bring his/her own hard copy of the Bible and not use their phone apps. . 

Other Costs
The children earn badges, emblems, and pins that they could display on their uniforms.
We also provide snacks and end of the year awards and certificates. 
We will not charge for other costs such as the teaching material, name tags, writing utensils, printing, etc. 
We welcome any donations you would like to make, but please do not feel obligated to do so. 
Total Fees (please make check payable to: CNSCCC) *
By clicking "Yes" below, you are pre-registering your child named above to attend our AWANA Clubs. 
Please note that you will need to sign a physical form before the start of our AWANA program so we have your signature on file.  You will also need to sign-in and sign-out each Friday Night.  
Thank you! 
By clicking "Yes", I give my permission for my child to attend AWANA at CNSCCC/MCF *
Do you give permission for photos and videos of your child to be used for church purposes (such as newletters, year end slideshow, announcements, etc.)?  *
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