IHC Skilled Volunteer Form (Non-Member)
Volunteers are crucial to the success of IHC as we are run and operated by a 100% volunteer staff and are sometimes short-staffed on providers, medical assistants, or interpreters. Volunteers can also assist in other projects by providing design, engineering, photography, and many other skills and services. Whatever your skill-set may be, we can certainly find a job for you!
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This is a contact form primarily used when we are short staffed. Volunteers interested in getting more involved should reach out to us directly at admin@ihcucsd.org or via the "Our Team" page on our website. Active IHC Members are given priority over general volunteers when signing up for monthly clinics and project trips.
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Indicate which role(s) you wish to fill as a volunteer. Please indicate if you are volunteering professional services under "Other". Check all that apply.
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Type N/A if you only speak English. If you are bi/multilingual, please indicate which languages you can interpret for and your proficiency (either fluent or advanced) ex: Spanish; fluent/Arabic; advanced/etc.
Health License/Certification *
Please indicate what health license or certification you possess. ex: MD/PA/MA/EMT/etc. Type N/A if you have none.
Specialty *
If you are a specialized provider, please list your specialty. Type N/A if you have none.
Provide any notes, comments, or interests. For questions please contact us at admin@ihcucsd.org.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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