Template for description of service with Universal Design elements
Become an author of an article and write about your experience of applying the principles of universal design to construction, public space organization,providing information and services or designing items.This knowledge is worth sharing! By collecting information and posting it on this website together, we will build a powerful platform to create a space, comfortable for all, and simplify tasks for those who decided to act and realize the innovative concept of universal design.

You can find some examples of filled and published materials here

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Example: Kyiv City Children’s Diagnostic Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine
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Service description
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Which population groups, in particular of low mobility, may receive this service?
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Universal design and user engagement, particularly of low mobility groups
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Describe what has been done so that the service could be received by different groups of clients; particularly, how the process of providing the service has been changed, which additional accommodations are provided with the service for people with visual, hearing or intellectual impairments and other groups with low mobility, so that they may access the service equally with everyone else.
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Project’s team
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Who requested the service development based on universal design concept?
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Who was involved in service development? Was a specific organization employed or was it an internal unit of the company/organization?
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