e-NABLE Chapters - Get Added To The Map!
Thank you for your interest in becoming an official e-NABLE Chapter!

We are reworking the process for adding chapters and groups to our current e-NABLE Chapter map on enablingthefuture.org and would love to make sure that you get to see your pin show up on the main map!

If you are a new chapter or school group or you have been an active chapter already but have not seen your pin on the map, please submit a request through this form so that we can make sure to get you on there as soon as possible so that families and recipients can find you!

For those that have previously filled out the old form, please accept our apology for having to ask that you resubmit your information into the new system! We want to become more efficient and get your groups listed as soon as possible so that you can start connecting with recipients in your local areas and to do so, we need to have you resubmit to the new form so that we can update regularly!

Thank you for your patience as we transition to the new system of intake for Chapters!

Before filling out this form - please note that in order to be listed on the chapter's map, you will need:

1. To have been approved as a maker and gotten your badge and be ready to submit proof.

2. Set up your chapter's facebook page so that we can list it for recipients to find.

3. If you are a school or youth group - you must have an adult over 18 as your leader or mentor and list their contact information.

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Show proof of your 3D printed e-NABLE test hand approval notice or badge - Provide a link *
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Would your group be interested in adopting and mentoring STEM classrooms in underserved areas where they do not have access to 3D printers and help to provide them with hand kits, skype/hangout sessions and helping these students learn about 3D design and becoming "Digital Humanitarians?" *
Is your chapter group interested in participating in global design challenges and working on other crowd sourced collaborative solutions to other problems that could be solved with or without 3D printing? *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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