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Hi parents!

Beginner Band lessons at Delran Intermediate School are available to ALL STUDENTS going into in 4th (or 5th) grade who would like to sign up! During the school year, Band students receive one 45-minute lesson (in small groups) per week. The lesson schedule rotates, so the class time missed won't always be the same.

By completing this brief form, we will get your child on his/her way!

If you and/or your child feel as though you have already made an instrument selection for the year (perhaps you you already own or have access to an instrument), I ask that you consider this to be your FIRST CHOICE ONLY and have an open mind, in case we determine that another instrument is better suited for your child's SUCCESS this year. While many children may find success on a variety of instruments, not every child will be suited for every instrument; I'd like to find your child's BEST MATCH!

Once an instrument selection has been confirmed for your child, you will need to obtain one for your child. We've made it easy for you! Coles Music is our preferred dealer and only provides "Quality Approved" instruments which will allow your child to learn and grow. Very often, instruments purchased by parents will NOT be suited to the rigors of regular practice. While you can certainly obtain a "Quality Approved" brand instrument on your own, I strongly encourage, leasing your instrument through Coles at least the first year for these a few key reasons:

1. the instruments leased are "like-new" and top-quality (and guaranteed)
2. the first year "trial" rental period is very affordable
3. if your child decides to switch instruments, there is no fee. In most cases its an even swap.
4. if your child decides not to continue, you have not lost a large investment.
5. The instrument leased STAYS WITH YOUR CHILD, and you can opt to pay it off at anytime!

For prices, you can visit colesmusicservice.com. They are our preferred dealer and visit our school weekly; you do NOT have to go to their store - everything is done through DIS. Of course, you are free to obtain your ""Quality Approved" instrument from whomever you choose.

Once Again, please DO NOT make any purchases or enter any lease agreement, until we determine which instrument is best for your child!

Once this form is filled out I will place your child on the schedule to be "screened" to help us mutually decide on the right instrument!

Your child's screening is a brief (15 minute) meeting for us to get to know each other and for your child to try out the instruments that he/she is considering. There will NOT be time to try them all, so please make sure your child has an idea.

I look forward to meeting and working with your child this year.

Thank you,
Mr. Dorfman
Instrumental Music Teacher
Delran Intermediate School

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