Wholehealth Pharmacy Partners is collaborating with OPA to provide hand sanitizers to any pharmacy. Please complete the form to order.
Hand sanitizer: $41.88/case of 12 units ($3.49 per unit), PLUS TAX & SHIPPING
- 70% ethyl alcohol (food grade)
- made in Canada
- cylinder bottle with squeeze top
- 236 mL
- proper due diligence to ensure product quality

Orders are filled on a first come first serve basis. Product is shipped regularly as orders are received.
Can ship anywhere in Ontario within 5 business days. Shipment out of province also available.
You will be contacted after placing an order to obtain payment information.

Please complete MAILING address below for the company (PHARMACY).
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Hand Sanitizers $41.88/case of 12 bottles + TAX & SHIPPING
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