CPCR COOP Covid Questionnaire
This form submission will be sent to both the CR and CP COVID Contacts
You are filling this out due to informing us of a recent positive test or possible exposure. What to know about COVID-19 Guidelines and Timelines:

1. If you test positive for COVID you are infectious for 10 days from FIRST DATE of symptoms and that is your isolation time.

2. If you test positive for COVID you were contagious for the two days prior to your date of first symptom.

3. If someone was exposed to a COVID positive case during the infectious timeline listed in 1 and 2 that person must quarantine for 14 days from their date of last close contact with the positive person. (Even if you provide a negative test.)
Email address *
What team are you on? *
Choose what best applies *
If possible exposure: When were you or your player last with the positive person and if you know their date of first symptoms what is that date?
Who has symptoms or was tested or is positive? (choose all that apply) *
If symptoms or positive test in the home: what is the date of the first day of symptoms?
If there are symptoms but no test result what are your symptoms?
If a parent or guardian is positive, has the player shown any symptoms since? if so what is the date?
If the Positive/Symptomatic person is NOT the player, what is the date of last close contact with the player?
What is the last date your player was on the ice *
Indicate your last date on ice as solo or with another team? Which team if applies:
Testing resources:
Rapid testing site, New Hope- 15 min results- tests on Tues and Thurs (there is a fee) https://www.mnmonitoring.com/covid-19-testing
Rapid testing site- 15 min results (fee): Ham Lake: http://gatherwellmn.com/
Rapid testing site- must schedule day of at 7am fills up in mins- the urgency room 3 locations: http://www.urgencyroom.com/rapid-covid-testing/
Andover MedExpress- must call 763-754-4396 in the morning on the date you are wanting a test. Call around 9am it may take time to get through but you should be able to get a same day appointment for a rapid test. takes insurance.
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