Alliance for Self-Directed Education Organizational Membership (OM) Survey
The Alliance for Self-Directed Education (ASDE) invites SDE-aligned schools, learning centers, and organizations that offer products and services that are intended to support SDE to take the first step towards becoming an Organizational Member by completing this brief survey.

For the purpose of this survey, ASDE makes a distinction between schools and learning centers. SDE schools are private or public schools that conform to the legal definition of a school for compliance with compulsory attendance laws. Learning centers are spaces in which the young people who attend are unschoolers or homeschoolers, even if the space is called a “school.” Organizations that provide products and services must support the SDE movement in a way thats publicly visible. If your organization is neither a school nor a learning center, some of the questions may not be applicable. If so, write N/A.

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1. What does Self-Directed Education mean to you, and in what ways does your organization promote and support SDE? *
2. Are the young people in the space free to play or do what may seem like “nothing” all day without adult judgement or interference? If no, please describe why. *
3. Do you evaluate the young people with tools such as grades, testing, or narrative evaluations? If yes, what is the purpose of these evaluations? Can they opt out of these evaluations on their own terms? *
4. Do you have any mandatory classes or activities? If yes, what is required and why? Do the participants have the freedom to withdraw from classes and activities without adult judgement, interference, or any consequence? *
5. Does your organization include a committment to avoid discrimination against marginalized groups in its admissions, staffing, and programming? *
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