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* Introduction
Photogrammetry is a technique that allows to convert 2D images in a 3D model, in which you can make accurate measurements.
The data can be used to create maps, 3D models of buildings or objects, volume measurement, area monitoring, ...

Pix4D is the leader in photogrammetry production based on drone imagery. Pix4D Mapper allows you to generate an orthophotomosaic, a height model and a 3D point cloud, but also many extra products.

* Why should I follow this training module?
Pix4D is the most user-friendly and efficient software for accurate measurements.
It allows surveyors, but also other users to make measurements based on the images taken from the air.
Using Ground Control Points or RTK GPS, it is also possible to obtain absolute accuracies.

* For who?
Surveyors, drone pilots, scientists, farmers, photogrammetry experts, archaeologists, cartographers, engineers, nature experts, persons in charge of inspection, public safety, R&D, defense, mine-clearing, real estate, construction, virtual reality, energy production, cultural heritage, etc ...

* Content
Introduction to photogrammetry
Collecting ground control points
Planning a drone flight with Pix4Dcapture
Introduction to checkpoints
Analyze Pix4Dmapper’s Quality Check Table

Practical Exercise
Launch Pix4Dmapper Desktop
Open a Pix4Dmapper Desktop project
Create a Pix4Dmapper Desktop project
Georeference with the Basic GCP/MTP Editor
Calibrate the camera
Georeference with the rayCloud
Generate the dense point cloud
Edit the dense point cloud
Generate the orthomosaic
Edit the orthomosaic
Measure in Pix4Dmapper Desktop
Create a Pix4Dmapper Cloud project
Measure in Pix4Dmapper Cloud
Create a custom Pix4Dmapper Cloud project
Share Pix4Dmapper Desktop deliverables
Share Pix4Dmapper Cloud deliverables

* Type of training
ONLINE session

* Language

* Timing
2 days, 9:00 till 17:30

* Trainer
Official PIX4D trainer (Aaron Woods, Andres McIntyre, Justine Cuevas or Rhea Garratt)

* Location
at home (online)

* Material
1. Please ensure that you bring a laptop computer with the latest version of Pix4Dmapper installed so that you may follow along during the hands-on exercises. Computers will not be provided during the workshop.

We recommend that your computer is equipped with Windows, has at least 16 GB of RAM, 20 GB of free hard drive space, and a GPU that supports OpenGL 3.2. We also suggest that you bring a computer mouse to facilitate 3D navigation in the software. Computers running Mac OS are not supported at this time.

2. If you do not own a Pix4Dmapper license, you will be provided with one during the workshop.

3. Please bring a three-button computer mouse. Computer mice will not be provided during the workshop.

4. Please bring an electrical adapter if your electronics are not compatible with the country's power outlet. Electrical adapters will not be provided during the workshop.

During Noordzee Drones training sessions, writing materials, hardcopy hand-out and teaching materials are included.

A fluorescent pen can be useful.

* Prerequisites
- There are no specific prerequisites
- Good knowledge of the language
- Good mood
- True airmanship (discipline, skills, safety)

* Price
790 euros (excluding VAT)
Comes to 553 euros (excluding VAT) with a 30% subsidy through the KMO portfolio

* Benefits
We are a recognized service provider of the KMO portfolio. SMEs that qualify (with a Flemish business  number ) can receive a subsidy of up to 30%.
Extra explanation about the KMO via this link

* Certificate
After the training you will always receive a personalized Noordzee Drones certificate of attendance.
This certificate is by no means an official document, but is proof of the training at Noordzee Drones.

* Number
Minimum 10 - Maximum 20 students
The course will take place if a minimum number of students attend the session.
We will let the registered participants know a week in advance whether the course will take place.
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