2019 Miss YCHS Contestant Bio
DO NOT use complete sentences! Short answer is best!
Your Name (to be used during the pageant) *
Grade *
Your email address *
The best number to reach you *
If you are in 12th grade, which division will you compete in? (you can only select one)
In your spare time you like to (hobbies)...
My favorite subject is_______because?
Clubs, sports, and organizations you are involved in at YCHS are...
Organizations and things you are involved in outside of YCHS are...
List any honors you have received in the past 4 years.
Your most prized possession is (and why)....
What is your favorite movie (and why)?
What makes YCHS so special?
What are you most thankful for?
If you could stop high school students from making one mistake what would it be?
What are your plans after high school?
If you could travel to any city in the world, where would you go, and why?
Why did you decide to do the pageant?
12th Grade- Miss YCHS Contestants ONLY! What do you plan to do for your talent?
12th Grade- Miss YCHS Contestants ONLY! Give an in-depth description of your talent. List song title, costume plan, and tell us if you will require a microphone, or any other equipment. The deadline for ALL talent that requires a track (if your are singing or dancing to it) is Nov. 23rd!
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