JCWC 2017 poll & survey
We set up the upcoming Joomla Cycling World Challenge for 2017 and we hope you will join us on the road!


This small poll & survey is created to get a better understanding of your expectations. Your answers will help us make short-term improvements to our challenge and leads to democratic decisions of the challenge setup.

Poll closing time is 07.01.2017

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We will allow only verified community members to take part. To take part in our challenge people have to participate in some Joomla-based user group, committee, event, or forum (etc) . Or people have to build Joomla sites as part of their business, work for a Joomla-based company, or contributes regular to the Joomla project. Just maintaining a Joomla based website is not enough.
Should we allow indoor cycling? *
Should we allow gym equipment? *
This sort of equipment may lead to distortion of competition.
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