Statement of Interest - Infrastructuring the Commons afternoon sessions
The aim of the afternoon sessions will be to discuss different approaches and resources that relate to the theme of infrastructuring commons ( Please fill the following form by 31th of October.

The host(s) of the session you apply for, will be in contact with you shortly after submission.
If you have general questions on the seminar contact Andrea (
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Provide responses to the following questions in order to work with them in the sessions. Answers should be based on your research interests and/or practical work in relationship to the theme of the session you are applying for.

NOTE: Your contributions will form the basis of the afternoon session working material and will be used as discussion points for the day’s activities. Please note that the submitted material accepted will be made available online for the session participants.
Describe briefly the “commons” related case you are currently involved with. *
Maybe you are involved in an existing commons, or perhaps you are trying to initiate one or are researching one?
What are the central concepts or vocabulary you use / have encountered that relate to the themes of (cultural/urban/caring) commons? *
Add links or references if it helps you to communicate your idea better or if applicable
Can you identify design principles or supportive good practices for building / sustaining commons? *
You can make use of Oström’s (1990) original design principles, to see if they apply to your case or not. You can also propose other ones.
Please share with participante concrete examples and cases (with links if applicable) you think can illustrate the theme of the session (Caring/Cultural/Urban commons). *
Comments or questions to the organizers ;)
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