CCB Photographer Rental Request
This inquiry form is for photographers requesting additional information regarding Cherry Creek Boutiques rental agreement. Rentals are often for photography use such as engagement photos, senior portraits, and other styled shoots. Rentals ARE NOT for recreational use and are not to be worn outside of the shoot stated in this form. If this occurs, legal actions will be taken.

Rental Fees:
Multiple items are available for rent, meaning entire stacks and sets can be rented out at once. We would love to collab with all photographers and are willing to get in additional inventory for styled shoots.

There is a flat rate of $200 for rental fees for photographers.
On top of the rental fee, the renter is also required to pay for shipping for the initial rental AS WELL AS the shipping for the rental return. Both shipping labels are required to have accurate shipping insurance which is also covered by the renter. Depending on shoot location and date, in the instance I can be present for the shoot, the shipping and insurance and stack limit will be waived.
At this current time, we will not rent out more that EIGHT stacks per rental.
Depending on shoot location and date, in the instance I can be present for the shoot, the shipping and insurance and stack limit will be waived.

After submitting this form, we will get back to you to in order to start the next step in the rental process. Half the rental cost is due at the time of confirmation and is the only way to assure your spot for the rental. (This comes after you are approved for the rental and at the time you are issued your contract.)

Legal Components:
There will be a rental contract signed before rental jewelry is issued that protects the rights of CCB and places legal boundaries on the rental agreement. Please note that if the rental is approved, you will legally be in full financial accountability for the items being rented, meaning that if items are stolen, lost, or damaged in the term of your rental, you will be legally required to purchase the item at full cost, no discounts applied. Jewelry is often only rented out to photographers for 2 days, meaning the day after your event, you will be required to ship the jewelry back almost immediately. Failure to do so in a timely manner will result in additional charges.

CCB reserves the rights to all photos taken of jewelry during the rental time.

This form does not guarantee that the rental will be approved. CCB reserves the rights to deny rental inquires at any time. You will be contacted in a timely manner if your rental agreement is approved. If you wish to have your inquiry looked at sooner, please message us on Instagram.
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