Foster Care Support Foundation
2018/2019 Fall/Winter Mail-Out/Pick-Up Request
All information is for our records only and is kept confidential. Mail orders are for children who live more than an hour drive away from the distribution center. Due to shipping costs, we are unable to ship infant equipment & large toys. The clothing order will be mailed to the DFCS or kinship office for the caregiver to pick up. Mail orders include a full seasonal wardrobe, stuffed animals, books, and 1 to 3 toys. If a designated person from your county would like to pick up multiple families’ orders, we can include infant equipment and additional toys including bikes and other large items. For those living in Metro Atlanta or wanting to come and select your children’s items yourself, receive infant equipment or large toys, please click here to request an appointment:

For more information, call 404-729-3374 / 770-280-7831 or email

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