Pennsylvania Student Voting Summit Presentation Proposals
The Pennsylvania Student Voting Summits serve as an opportunity for colleges and universities across Pennsylvania to come together to learn and connect on issues surrounding nonpartisan democratic engagement with a focus on student voting. We hope that campuses will reflect on the previous democratic engagement efforts of their own, as well as other campuses, and will gain practical knowledge on how to institutionalize efforts. Campus teams will have the opportunity to work on and update their campus’ democratic engagement action plan. It is encouraged to have as many members from your campus planning team for democratic engagement attend the summit together.

Western Pennsylvania Student Voting Summit at the University of Pittsburgh: February 15, 2020
Eastern Pennsylvania Student Voting Summit at the University of Pennsylvania: February 22, 2020

Each summit will have breakout sessions lasting 30-45 minutes creating the opportunity for presentations about democratic engagement efforts.

Proposed presentations should include student presenters when possible and presentations with student presenters will be strongly considered!

Suggested topical areas include:
- voter engagement/ education / turnout efforts
- voting mechanics and laws
- student leadership in democratic engagement
- democratic engagement strategies on campus
- role of faculty and administrators in democratic engagement
- reform and policy change on campus, in the local community, statewide, and national
- community partners, national partners, NSLVE data

Deadline to submit is December 13, 2019. Decision responses will be sent out in mid-January.
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