Host Family Application Form for 2020 CHSN Sister School Program
This information will only be shared by the teachers from Yuhigaoka HS, Mrs. Uchiyama and the Japanese student and his/her family in Japan individually.
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Does your child participate in any after school activities at school or outside of school? If so, please list the activity/activities. *
Does your family have any food restrictions? *
Do you have any preference for whom you host? (18 girls and 2 boys from Japan) *
Are you willing to host a second student? *
What time does your child usually get up in the morning during weekdays?
What time does your child usually go to bed during weekdays?
What language do you primarily speak in your home? *
Mrs. Uchiyama is planning to take the Japanese students and the host students to Ellis Ireland and Statue of Liberty (tentative) on Monday, March 16th. Do you want to participate in this all-day trip? *
Please write a welcome message to the Japanese student in English and/or Japanese. *
Please write any questions or comments to Mrs. Uchiyama regarding this program.
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