UU Campus Ministry Start-Up Kit Request Form
Sign up today and receive a free campus ministry start-up kit! This kit will contain tools and resources to aid your campus ministry group, whether it’s existed for a while or is just beginning.

Contained in the kit will be:
- Chalice (personal size)
- Banner (new & improved, 2’ x 5’)
- Books (choice of three)
- UU Pocket Guide (loan to folks who are new to UU)
- Voices from the Margins (great meditations for meetings)
- Rejoice Together (readings, prayers and more for meetings)
- A letter from the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, with resource suggestions and other helpful tips

Who can get one?
- Unitarian Universalist campus ministry group leaders (if you are connected with the group but not its leader, encourage the leader to fill this form out!)
- Leaders of an existing campus ministry group or those actively working on starting one this upcoming fall.
- If you received a campus ministry kit last year (fall of 2012), you are not eligible for one again this year. The only new item is the banner, and these are available for purchase, simply by emailing youngadults@uua.org.

If you did not receive a campus ministry start-up kit last year and would like one, please provide the contact information on the corresponding sign-up forms so that we can send you a kit for this fall.
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If you are not a congregational staff person, please list the name, email address and phone number of the congregational staff contact person for your campus ministry group *
If your campus ministry does not have a congregational affiliation, please indicate this. If your campus ministry has a congregation you work with, but no staff person, please indicate the name of the congregation and your primary contact there, as well their contact information below.
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