Application - Design Thinking Challenge
This application is for St Vrain Valley Schools staff and educator teams who wish to participate in the 3rd annual SVVSD District-wide Design Challenge, focused on Global Collaboration. Please see our website at for a timeline and more details.

As compensation for participating, each team member will receive 2.0 credits from our office of professional development, and a $250 stipend upon completion of the project. In addition, greater monetary prizes will be awarded to those teams with the highest scores at the pitch competition. Please visit for more information, or email Becky Peters with any questions -


School Name
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Contestant Names & Emails
Please provide names and emails for each of the team members. These can be amended at any time by emailing Becky Peters at if team members are added or leave the project.
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Team Name
Can be changed later if you aren't settled on something just yet :)
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Team Lead
Please choose one person on your team as a Team Lead, just for ease of communication and streamlining. There aren't any associated responsibilities per se :)
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Why is your team interested in entering this competition?
Select all that apply. You can expand upon your reasoning in the follow up question.
Care to expand on the previous question? We'd love to know what drives teams to participate in this incredible opportunity.
(limit to one paragraph)
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What topic or challenge related to 'global collaboration' are you thinking about exploring?
We just want to get an idea of where teams may be going with this topic. If you haven't decided yet, it's ok to just put some brainstorms down, or to say 'we haven't decided yet.'
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Is anyone on your team interested in attending the Design Institute at the Innovation Center on 10/17 at 4 pm for 0.25 credit?
This is an optional PD for exploration of design thinking and support for planning your team's approach to this year's challenge. If interested, this is NOT a sign up - just a gauge of interest. There will be a link on OPD's website for sign up soon - check for updates, or email Becky Peters with any questions.
Would you like to be assigned a liaison to support your team throughout the process?
Since this is a multiple-month project, it helps to have someone to be able to ask questions of, connect with, and run ideas past. Liaisons will be STEM coordinators, Learning Technology Coaches, Instructional Technology Coaches, Content Coordinators, and other support staff from the district. Liaisons will be familiar with the challenge, with the rubric and judges expectations, and with design in general so they will be helpful to your team in polishing your white paper / pitch / next steps at each stage of the process. You can utilize their support as much or as little as you wish at each stage. Each liaison will only be assigned ONE team so that there will be no conflicts of interest.
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