Should We Have More Recess?
Mrs. Clay is thinking about making your recess time longer!!!! She has asked that students come up with some good reasons why we should have a longer recess. Let's watch the video below and see if we can come up with some good reasons together. After you have watched the video and conducted some research on the internet, you are going to submit some ideas to Mrs. Clay that you think will persuade her. Good luck and let's keep our fingers crossed!
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Your Teacher's Name
Please Just write the name, without (Mr,Ms,Mrs) Ex. Lawson
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Kids Need More Recess! By:Simon Link
Now let's watch a video where Simon tries to persuade us to extend recess.
Which one of Simon's reasons/facts did you find most interesting?
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Now, open up a new tab and Google "The importance of recess". Take a look at some of the articles that come up.
Which article did you find the most interesting?
Remember, titles get capital letters at the beginning of each word.
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Which fact from this article did you find to be most important?
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Now, Write a paragraph to submit to Mrs. Clay that explains why you think we should have extended recess time. Be sure to include the reasons that you highlighted from Simon's video and the article you found.
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EXTENSION: Do you think that Simon did a good job persuading us to make recess longer?
Why do you say this? What made his presentation good or not so good?
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