Pink Hypnosis - Free the Genders!
Do you feel gender roles affect our daily life?
Are you tired that our behaviors and expectations depend on our gender?
What about our individuality?
Would you like to change that by participating in a Guerilla Action?

“Pink Hypnosis - Free the Gender!” is here! Service Civil International invites you all to come to this workshop, where we will discuss deconstruction of gender roles through non-formal education with a special guest who will introduce us to their experience as a non-binary person. Afterward, we will go out to the streets and perform a GUERILLA ACTION!
This is your opportunity to make a step forward, take action and express to the society how harming gender stereotypes are!

The event is organized by Service Civil International as part of a project called “Gendered Realities” funded by UNESCO and Council of Europe. We have the support of Zagreb Pride and Hollaback! Croatia as well!
The main trainers will be Anna Domínguez and Alex Ukota, who will provide a variety of activities and methods, all focused on creating knowledge together and sharing experiences, ideas, and thoughts.

We want to thank Tea and Jimbo, from BAM! Studio, for the wonderful poster design!

The whole event will have two main parts:

1. Workshop
Location: Šesnaestica (Ozaljska 16, 2nd floor, Zagreb)
Time: 11-14.30h
What are we gonna do? We will start with few icebreakers and energizers and continue with introducing the topic of gender roles, privileges and gender violence through the World Cafe method. Afterward, we will use two or three activities to reflect deeper about gender roles and how these affect our daily lives. In the end, Alex Ukota will talk about their experience as a non-binary person. We will do some breaks in between and have a light lunch at the end to recover and rest.
IMPORTANT! We want to highlight the importance of the CREATION OF A SAFE SPACE. It’s essential to build a respectful and safe environment for everybody to feel comfortable and secure, so please if you decide to come, keep in mind this principal condition.

2. Preparation and implementation of a Guerilla Action
Location: the preparation will take place in Šesnaestica and around 16.30h we will all go to the Main Square in Zagreb, where we will perform the Guerilla Action.
Time: 14.30-18h.
What are we gonna do? All together we will decide what action we want to perform. We will have materials to be creative, so everybody will be able to write their message and we will go to the Main Square to perform it :). The street action will take approximately 1h, but this is completely flexible!
The main idea is to express what we felt, our thoughts, ideas, any message we want to communicate to the Zagreb society.

As part of the creation of a safe space, we ask you to come to the whole workshop (from 11-15h). The Guerilla Action is not compulsory, but we encourage you to participate! The more we are, the more impact we will have! :D

Thank you for filling up the form and we will contact you a few days before with further information!
See you very soon!
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