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Dear Swimmers,  
below you have the opportunity to apply for the membership to the BASEL OPEN WATER swimming club ( We are enthusiastic long distance and open water swimmers and are looking forward to share our passion with you and have founded this club to organise regular swimming practices in the pool, swimming trips to rivers and lakes, as well as participation in open water swimming events.
The cost for a membership is CHF 20 / year. In addition, there will be further costs for participation in the different training groups, organised swim trips and participation in open water swimming events which will be communicated upfront to the respective event and will be billed for separately or which may be payed via Twint.
Swimming practices will be organised and conducted in cooperation with the instructors of the swim school Swim-Arts GmbH (

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Self Assessment Swimming Capabilities
The self assessment shall help to assess your capabilities and provide you with the relevant information with respect to available training courses, swimming events and organised swimming trips. No matter whether you are a beginner or a pro, young or old, you are welcome to join us. We want to promote and encourage open water swimming at all levels. Hereby, we see it as our task to provide each swimmer with the respective opportunities and tools to improve and enable them to participate in open water swimming. Depending on your current capabilities we offer to learn the basics in respective courses and regular swimming practices and to apply the knowledge in joint excursions and participation in open water events. Depending on the starting point we will help you to find out together with the instructors what is required specifically to integrate you into our ongoing group swim practices. Should mutliple points apply for you - multiple selection is possible.
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Billing Mode *
Hereby, I agree to receive pdf bills via email. In case of disagreement or lack of payment after the set payment terms, I take note that the bill will be sent by post at an additional fee of CHF 1.50 per letter, which will be automatically added to the billing amount.
Association Statutes BASEL OPEN WATER *
Our association statutes can be found at the following URL:
Data Processing of Private Data *
Personal data provided by you will only be used for communication and organisation with respect to your membership at BASEL OPEN WATER, as well as thereof resulting activities, such as organisation of access to the swim pool, pooled registration for open water events or similar.  Your personal data are required for this purpose. Hereby you approve to the storage and further processing of your data for the purposes as described.
Publication of Pictures, Names & Placements *
Hereby you agree, that pictures of you which have been taken during joint practices, excursions or events may be used for illustrations on the BASEL OPEN WATER hompeage and/or for marketing purposes, eventually in combination with your name. This also applies to possible placements at events, at which you have participated as a member of the BASEL OPEN WATER swimming club. A refusal does not have any influence on your membership application.
BASEL OPEN WATER intends to regularly inform you about upcoming swim practices, excursions and events via email (usually at the beginning of a new season and upon special dates, e.g. our annual general meeting and summer barbecue) . Your consent to be informed can be withdrawn at any time by sending an email with the subject "unsubscribe" to Alternatively, we will publish ongoing practices and events via our homepage as far as possible and you can register for the desired program or event by using the given link or  by sending an email to
BASEL OPEN WATER WhatsApp Chatgroup *
BASEL OPEN WATER  organises different events via WhatsApp Chatgroups. We try to be as specific and informative as neccessary and staying as short as possible. There  are Chatgroups were we organise our ongoing practices, the next trips to open water trainings or lake crossing, aso. You may withdraw your consent at any time and/or leave the respective chatgroup.
Emergency Contact *
We hope that we will never need to make use of it. But as agreed during our last annual general assembly we ask you to let us know whom to contact (name and mobile phone number of a close person) in case of an emergency. Thanks a lot for your help!  
Health Restrictions
We kindly ask you to inform the board members and instructor in case of known *relevant* (prior) diseases or disabilities, in case they may need/have to be taken into account during practice and/or when participating at an excursion, excursion. This information is considered confidential and is only requested in order to ensure the safety of all swimmers as much as possible. Nonetheless, the final responsibility and liability soleley rests with the swimmer.
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Liability / Insurance *
BASEL OPEN WATER and its board deny any liability due to accidents, injury or illness. Arrangement of appropriate insurance(s) is within the sole responsibility of the club member.
How did you learn about us?
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Do you have any questions?
Thanks a lot for your registration and the given inforamtion. By sending this form you receive a copy of your answers to the email adress given above. In case of any questions you might have or anything else you would like to let s know, feel free to leave a comment below. Your input and support is welcome at any time.
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