Rockingham County Schools Student Survey 2020 Grades 3-5
Elementary Grades 3 - 5
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I feel safe at school. *
Bullying is a problem at my school. *
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I like my school. *
I am learning about our connections with other cultures and countries around the world. *
I feel motivated to do my best. *
I feel successful in Math. *
I feel successful in Reading. *
I can complete the work that I am given. *
The work I do in class is interesting. *
The work I am given is challenging. *
My teachers ask me how they can make my class better. *
I feel successful in my classes. *
I believe I can be a good student. *
I understand how I am graded. *
I can ask for a second chance if my work is not right the first time. *
I feel encouraged to be healthy. *
I understand the instructions that I am given. *
I know what I should be doing and learning in my class. *
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